Our Team

GKY Dental Arts is staffed with a team of expert technicians. The respect we have for each other at GKY really shows in our work. We focus on attracting and retaining superior people and strive to create an open, comfortable and encouraging work environment. We're proud of our low employee-turnover rate; the team stays solidified, and our quality work remains constant.

ACT Team

Our Advanced Cosmetic (ACT) Team consists of our very talented technicians from our sister laboratory, Beverly Hills Dental Studio. The team was created to ensure cases requiring superior esthetics were handled with the level of care and time they need. The technicians understand that some cases require cosmetic appearances of the utmost quality. Each of these skilled professional takes a uniquely creative and artistic approach to their work.

When you need the best esthetic results, the GKY ACT team is your resource for the highest in quality work.